You’re going down with the Villa

Andy Munro is happy with the happenings at St Andrews.

Perhaps not quite a certainty, but Blackburn showed that there is only a very small gap between success and failure in the Championship. To put things in context, struggling Blackburn’s ambitiously attacking front line of Danny Graham and Marvin Ennis were probably worth more than the whole of the Blues team.

For the first period, it was a very even if dull and scrappy affair, albeit Blues probably edging the number of goal attempts. Certainly, Blues struggled in midfield and missed the coolness of Tesche and the bite of Kleftenbeld – having said that unfashionable Dave Davis still caught the eye with his work rate and some great tackles, including at least two goal -aving ones in his own area. It didn’t help that Spector (who admittedly didn’t have a bad game) and Grounds seem to delight in standing off their wingers like they’ve got a contagious disease which then gives the opposition player the ability to run at pace at two full backs who are never going to trouble Usain Bolt.

Yet it all seemed to come good in the second period, helped by the withdrawal of Danny Graham (understandable as he was injured) and Marvin Ennis (a strange one as he was their best attacker. The decision could be described as slightly Rowettesque). No wonder the Rovers fans were chanting “Coyle for England”. Anyway, after Gleeson missed a gilt-edged chance with the goal at his mercy, the same player redeemed himself following great work by that pariah of the wing, David Cotterill. A man who was booed onto the pitch and cheered off it by some neanderthals.

We could have had more as man of the match Cotterill hit a great shot against the post. It was also good to see the ‘Fall Guy’ Fabrini come on to show his repertoire of skill which actually was a great help in Blues keeping the ball and calming things down.

The only real disappointment was another pathetic crowd. It now seems to just be hardcore Blues with hangers on only returning for big matches. At admission prices not much more than a tenner in some cases, what’s the problem with these stay aways? They can hardly continue to blame Carsen. Without sounding like Danny Willets’ brother, they probably prefer to sit on their fat arses at home munching fast food on the settee in the warmth. They might as well support Man United for all the good that they are for our club.

Rant over!!