Ancient and modern

Jewellery Quarter church the setting for theatre productions.

Classic plays given a modern twist are upcoming at St Paul’s church in the Jewellery Quarter in two workshop:theatre events produced by the Theatre of the Quarter arts group.

First will be a unique opportunity to experience the play King Lear, told through the mind of the man himself. This new and exciting play dispenses with the other 29 characters in the original play and relives its main themes using Shakespeare’s words. Its challenging and bold take is to ask; what if Shakespeare had not killed off King Lear?

Lear is on the heath, left alone to once more think about that fateful day and everything that happened since then. Now he has just one hour, one hour to decide what his future holds… This fascinating opportunity takes us along Lear’s ensuing spiritual journey following the news of Cordelia’s death, allowing us to re-examine the original play’s themes and insights from a completely different angle.

This will be playwright Frank Bramwell’s fifth sequel to Shakespeare’s plays. The previous four (based on Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth, The Tempest, and Hamlet) have all delighted audiences with the boldness of their approach and the dexterity of touch. Romeo & Juliet for All Time won an award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for a play “that stood head and shoulders above other plays reviewed”.

King Lear alone will be performed on Saturdeay 16th July 2016 7.30pm Tickets £8 (£7) cash on the door.

Sometimes, old Myths become today’s Myths, and that’s when they explode. A spell-binding journey through the underworld of music, told through the eyes of a modern day Orpheus and his Eurydice will be portrayed in two performances of Orpheus in Blue.

The classic Greek legend, retold for the 21st Century, is a tale that speaks directly to us of the time we live in, asking ourselves what are we prepared to lose, and ultimately, what is it that we are all so desperate to regain. At any cost.

It will taker place at St.Paul’s on Saturday July 23rd at 7.30pm & Sunday July 24th at 2.30pm. Tickets £5 on the door (cash only).

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