Yumzee launches in Birmingham

New social dining experience aimed at local foodies.

Yumzee, the new way of social dining is beginning its first meals this weekend across Birmingham. Launching only last week, Yumzee is already attracting a lot of attention from the foodie community here in the city.

Styling itself as Come Dine With Me meets Air BnB, Yumzee connects strangers for an authentic dining experience, whereby members can sign up to host a meal and encourage other members of the Yumzee network to sign up for a seat at the table. The group then all meet together at the hosts home and enjoy a home cooked meal, starting the meal as strangers and finishing it as friends. Those hosting a meal can even use it as a way of making some extra income from their culinary skills, as they get to set the price for the meal.

Founder Rebecca Sorusch said, “We just really want to help people socialise through food. We’re more connected than ever online, but in the real world we miss out on so many experiences and the opportunity to get to know those in our community better”.

Rebecca feels Birmingham is the perfect place for Yumzee, “This is such a vibrant city, with many cultures and lots of open minded forward thinking residents. I think anyone who has an interest in cooking or dining out, and enjoys new experiences should check out the website and see what we have to offer”.

You can find Yumzee at