Rocking the Robin

If you want to rock, the Robin’s the place.


Thursday sees a celebration of the sixth anniversary of local music website, marking the occasion with a summer party that will bring together a variety of bands showcasing some of the best talent from the region. The five acts providing the soundtrack to the evening are Soley Mourning, The Black Hounds, Daylight Robbery, Voodoo Sioux and Corvus, all of them up and coming exponents of clasic and melodic rock.

Tickets £5

On Sunday Morpheus Rising will be on stage. Forme din 2008, the band’s mix of prog, glam, thrash and rock from both sides of the Altlantic has been dsecribed as NWOBHM for the 21st century. Their acclaimed second album Eximus Humanus was release in 2014 and they have gained areputatiopn for live work around Europe.

Tickets £10

Black Country Day is on Monday 20th July and to celebrte the Robin presents a showcase of local acts, ranging from indie to folk and acoustic. Already lined up are The Empty Can, Jack Fletch Band, Schadenfreude, Crooked House, Nathan Farrell, and more names may be added, with proceeds going to local charities.

Tickets £5

For tickets and detaiuls of all Robin shows, call 01902-401211 or visit