On to the end

Andy Munro sees Blues’ season at St Andrews end triumphally.

It could have been an end of season bore draw but Blues set out their stall with some pleasingly open football unfortunately only watched by a rather sparse, albeit enthusiastic, crowd.

Gary Rowett apparently had offered Ziggy a playing cameo but the big man felt that was unfair to the more active members of the squad. Magnanimous or stubbornness by the Big Serb? I like to think the latter if only to preserve some fond memories of our Carling Cup souvenir.

On the subject of souvenirs, the match saw the return of Roger, there’s only one greedy b…., Johnson who was given a rousing reception of sorts by the Tilton.

Anyway, to return to the match, Blues played some excellent stuff, inspired by loanees, Tesche and Fabrini, with Gray also outstanding with flashes of brilliance. With Blues solid at the back it seemed like there could only be one result. Unfortunately, our finishing left a lot to be desired, with Cotterill not having the best of games and with Dave Davis incredibly wasteful in his passing. In fact, Charlton could have snatched an undeserved equaliser on the break but thankfully Randolph was at his best.

It seemed like it might be one of those days and when Dyer was brought on, he was met with the usual mixed reception. However, he confounded his critics with a powerful and lively performance which was rewarded when he cut in to power home from an acute angle into the far corner.

This was no more than Blues deserved and allowed both manager and his players to enjoy the after-match plaudits along with Ziggy and his family who, undoubtedly, will never have to worry about what’s going to be on the table for dinner. On that final note, given our investment in the big fella, it would be interesting to hear an interview to find out how he thinks he’s been treated by the club and their fans.

Meanwhile, under Gary Rowett, it seems onward and upward.