Sir Howard’s big bumper Q&A

elston2-logo35Stumped by the Issue of the Day? Stopped in your tracks by the intrigues of this great big globe we live in? Then simply Ask Howard……

Today’s question:

Why are British politicians holding interviews in their kitchens? Are all the TV studios booked up? asks Rachel Thorpe from London

Howard responds:

Hi Rachel!!!!! You have the wrong angle on this. TV reporters these days just happen to show up at the back door of, let’s say, Mr Cameron or Mr Miliband a month or so before a national election, find it unlocked and walk into the kitchen to find a fully geared up production crew who have lit and marked out the floor space for an informal chat. The politician was just putting the carpaccio on a plate to get that metro feel to the day while also drying his hands as he completes a ginger jam bread and butter pudding to grab the older prole vote. That’s it really, Rach, in a cardomen-encrusted nutshell.

Cammo: seen here making a sandwich in his kitchen

Cammo: seen here making a sandwich in his kitchen

So, please,  don’t be so suspicious all the time. There is no conspiracy here…and that’s official.

(Note from the editor – this response was crafted before Libdumb boss Nikki Klegg was interviewed in his fully tooled-out garage underneath his Chevy pickup putting in a new transmission as his kids did their chemistry homework while playing on their X-Box and his fancy-pants Euro lawyer wife handed him a 8mm torque wrench and took an international conference call about something very arcane and important).

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