Dreamboats and Miniskirts

Terry Wills watches a night of musical theatre nostalgia.


They’re back – the halcyon days of rock’n’roll with the sequel to the original Dreamcoats and Petticoats updating the story of Laura and Bobby,two aspiring young hopefuls who crave success in a changing musical world.

Add Norman’s attempt to find the singing voice he reluctantly feels he has within hm, plus Ray’s ambition to manage a top pop group, the stage is set to see if they succeed. And there’s no prizes for guessing the correct answer.

But as in any production of this nature storylines are there mainly as a backdrop to the non-stop hits of the era played and sung by a young, enthusiastic fifteen-strong cast. Instant memories are recalled as the curtain rises on a set depicting adverts long gone and most probably forgotten.

Then it’s time for the sound of twanging guitars. A picture of you opens the medley of hit numbers followed by Telstar, Do you Love Me, A Groovy Kind of Love and many, many more that had the audience joining in with gusto.

The leading roles are played by Alex Beaumont, Elizabeth Carter, Ross William Wild and David Luke, backed by a talented cast that provided the enthusiastic audience the opportunity tooshow they had enjoyed a two hour journey into those never to be forgotten day, whether or not you initially remember the era of the Beatles, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Roy Orbison, black and white television and Radio Luxembourg.

Dreamboats and Miniskirts plays the New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham until 19th October. www.atgtickets.com