Bees sting

Andy Munro on Blues game at the weekend and their start to the season.

Whenever I think of Brentford, the Bees, I just think of ‘Nylons’ but you have to be of a certain age to remember that connection. However, Bees sting and nylon is virtually indestructible. Brentford laudably displayed both qualities as they came back for a share of the points despite being down to ten men.

Having said that they were assisted by an inexplicable couple of substitutions. If you’re winning by the odd goal and up against ten men, is it really sensible to take off both your strikers? I would humbly suggest that this implicitly takes the pressure of the hard pressed opposition and thereby hands them the initiative. Putting the one paced, albeit hard working, Novak up front was never going to cut the mustard because Novak is best in a supporting role and never, by any stretch of the imagination, is suited to a lone spearheading role.

Of course hindsight is a wonderful thing and, to be fair, Lee Clark has now admitted it was the wrong decision whilst defending the defensive formation and blaming the players for not implementing it properly. Clark should post up in his office the adage, ‘It’s the players that make an effective formation…not the other way round’.

I’m still a bit Ying and Yang with Lee and I do think there is a question mark around his tactical nous. However this needs to be balanced by the fact that he has effectively put together a team on a financial wing and a prayer. A team that looks like it can make a decent fist of being a competent Championship side, who are unbeaten in four games and with a bit of luck could have won three out of four in the league. Consequently, while not being personally convinced, I think that it’s premature and immature to start slagging off the manager in the current circumstances.

Generally, the team that he’s starting with on a 4-4-2 basis seems well balanced although personally I think that Duffy should be given a chance as one of the wing men..or at least brought on for a decent run. Also, I think that the combo of Davis and Caddis is questionable as a central pairing. Both are high energy and get around the pitch but Caddis, particularly, can get carried away and go missing leaving a hole in midfield leaving us vulnerable in that area.

Still, it’s a game of opinions and overall, I would have taken our start before the first game of the season.