6 metre Godiva, a giant spider, theatre in a wheel

Festival of Imagineers Saturday 9th August.

Imagineer Productions are bringing a new outdoor event to Coventry on Saturday 9th August with amazing events, theatre and activities taking place in Broadgate from 11am–5pm followed by the Coventry premier of Imagineer’s amazing hummingbird, a beautiful mechanical free flying bird, in the Cathedral Ruins at 5pm.

The Festival will begin with the next generation of artists and engineers leading Coventry’s 6 metre Godiva’s new procession with three extraordinary mini-cyclopedias created by 75 pupils from three Coventry schools.

Festival goers will be amazed by demonstrations of Matt Denton’s Giant Hexapod Spider, created for undersea gardening and measuring a whopping 5 meters in diameter and standing 2.8 meters tall, the animatronic spider is the largest, all-terrain operational hexapod robot in the World. Matt Denton is currently working on the next Star Wars movie with Harrison Ford but is able to be at The Festival of Imagineers courtesy of Mr Ford’s broken leg.

Throughout the day outdoor theatre companies from across the UK including Acrojou, Pif-Paf, the London Vegtable Orchestra, the Jelly Rollers, Crocodile Style and the Bureau of Silly Ideas will perform. Audiences can expect theatre and acrobatics in a wheel house, a musical wooden dragon which audience goers can play, a cycle powered flying machine and submarine along with the opportunity to race your friends on static cycles with the loser being squirted!

Alongside performances visitors will be able to explore interactive and innovative exhibits and activities, from operating the amazing mechanical Godiva puppet to creating vegetable instruments, navigating a tricycle obstacle course, making a jet engine or taking photographs with the portable Camera Obscura.

Jane Hytch, Chief Executive of Imagineer Productions said: “The Festival of Imagineers will bring together imagineers from the creative industries with visionaries from the worlds of design, technology and engineering for a day of wonderful performances and amazing activities. We hope people come along to watch the performances and get involved with the many activities on offer, including the chance to operate our amazing Godiva for themselves.”

The Festival of Imagineers is supported by Arts Council England and Coventry City Council. For more information visit www.imagineerproductions.co.uk.