Let down your hair

Warwick Arts Centre welcomes a classic ballet.

balletLORENT, one of the UK’s most exciting contemporary dance companies, is delighted to perform their original version of Rapunzel at Warwick Arts Centre across three dates: Thursday 29th May at 7pm, Friday 30th May at 7pm, and Saturday 31st May at 2.30 pm.

Following the company’s strong ethos of education and inclusion, balletLORENT’s professional dancers will be joined by a local cast of 12 talented young dancers. A group of local toddlers with their parents will also take to the stage. Our young performers will work with the professional dancers in the lead up to the performances, and have an age range from just 18 months old to 16 years old. This family -orientated production promises to make for a wonderful weekend at Warwick Arts Centre for children and adults alike.

Rapunzel is inspired by the dark themes central to the Grimm Brother’s original fairy story, including: a woman’s longing for a child, promises and deceit, sexual jealousy, loyalty, loneliness, vengence and redemption.

balletLORENT’s Artistic Director Liv Lorent says: “Most of us remember Rapunzel’s hair and the tower, but we’re a bit hazy on the rest of the story. It has been told again and again and reinterpreted for children of today through versions like Disney’s Tangled: but we’re telling an older, slightly darker version, more akin to its Grimm tale origins. We’ve included a part of the story which is usually neglected and will be telling it through the eyes of different characters.”