Rolling the Rovers

Andy Munro is allowed a bit of optimism after watching Blues beat Blackburn.

Years ago, Millwall were an invincible legend at the Den and it’s getting to the stage when Blues are becoming a similar proposition away from home recording a hard earned victory against Rhodes’ Rovers.

It’s interesting that Blues were under the cosh for long periods yet were clinical finishers, which is an interesting reflection of a few recent Premier League games where lowly teams had more possession but better teams were still winning because of their clinical finishing.

Lee Clark said that he was going to make a number of changes but it was obviously a Geordie Bluff as the side was relatively unchanged. Amazingly we went into a 3-0 lead inspired by the previously maligned Lee Novak and his second goal was quite outstanding. I never thought that the words “Lee Novak,” “30 yard screamer” and “goal” would ever be remotely acquainted but I was proved pleasingly wrong. The same player even had a hand (together with the Blackburn keeper) in Chris Burke’s goal. At 3-0 it seemed that we were home and hosed but this is Birmingham City we’re talking about. Predictably, it was that man Jordan Rhodes who nearly single-handedly turned the tables. Mind you, he is a player who cost more than the whole of the Blues team put together (Ziggy excepted).

Blues’ cause wasn’t helped by the usually influential Adeymi limping off although his replacement, Callum Reilly, never let the side down. As Blackburn turned the screw, Rhodes netted twice to trigger the usual Blues cliffhanger scenario but they held out with Caddis having to clear off the line in the closing stages.

Apart from the usual magnificence in defence, plaudits must go to Ollie Lee (hat-eating time again on this one) and apart from Novak, Ziggy himself was a continual nuisance to the Blackburn defence. It was also good to see Fergie get a bit of a run out.

It’s a bit early to be talking about the play offs and, despite our position in the table, we are nearer the play-off spots points wise than the relegation spots. Having said that, I still think that it will be a major triumph to finish middle of the table.