Gordon Harley’s thought for the weekend

Perhaps if more of us ‘chose’ happiness over misery, mind over matter might work.  




One of the principles of Spiritualism is Personal Responsibility. This does not mean that you can control all the aspects of your life. It is in the nature of this world that things happen to us over which we seem to have no influence. Things such as sickness, death, redundancy and debt affect us all.

However, what is always in our control is how we react to such events. We can choose to be victims or we can choose to take control and manage what is happening. I am under no illusion that such choices are always easy. There is no doubt that those people who work through their difficulties, come out stronger.

Personal Responsibility is not an easy path – it is no wonder that we hear so few people in public life accepting it – it is however a path to greater joy and satisfaction.

Accept that you are the key player in your life and you do get to choose what you do and you can make changes to improve things. You can accept that you may never earn fortunes but you can live within your means and be surrounded by good friends who understand that and enjoy that company without having the latest trainers or piece of bling.

Make the most of your life – your choice.