Grow Your Tenner campaign aimed at generating donations for small, local charities in Birmingham, the UK’s leading website dedicated to supporting local charities and community groups, has £500,000 from the Office for Civil Society which it will use to match up to £10 of every donation made through the website. 

Local GivingWith its Grow Your Tenner campaign, when you give a tenner to any local Birmingham based charity or community group on the website, will match it.  So, £10 becomes £20 and, if you’re a UK tax payer and claim Gift Aid (it just takes a click of a button), £20 becomes £22.50*. is going one step further to help Birmingham’s very small grass roots charities survive this economic slump.  If you commit to give a regular amount each month to a local charity, will match up to £10 a month for the first three months.  So an initial £30 becomes £60 or £67.50* with Gift Aid.  More importantly, as you continue to donate each month through the year, your local charity or community group, sports club, drop-in centre, children’s charity etc, will be able to plan ahead knowing funds will be available for their community programmes.

Today, £10 will buy you a photo mug of Birmingham City or nearly 1½ packs of cigarettes, or a good bottle of wine, or 20 x 200g cans of baked beans.  It will also pay for a visit to a vulnerable elderly person in the community, or one session of speech therapy for a Downs child, or one hour of bereavement counselling, or a week of healthy breakfasts for a disadvantaged person.  £10 can go a long way, and a regular donation of £10 a month will make a huge difference in your local community.

And if we all do it, then £10 can very soon turn into £1,000,000!!

Local charities in Birmingham should ensure they’re on to take advantage of the £500,000 give-away.

Call the Help Desk on 0300 111 2340 or email

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*Less minimal transaction fee