Gordon Harley’s thought for the weekend

Aristotles stella tripleStella – triple filtered – why it’s good for you. (credited to Aristotle borrowed with pride from Lesleigh Badgery)

A man approached Aristotle and wanted to share some gossip.

“Before you tell me the gossip let me ask you three questions”, said Aristotle.

“Firstly is the information true?”

The man answered that he could not be sure as he had heard the information from somebody else.

“Secondly is the information helpful to me?”

“No”, he replied.

“Thirdly is the information kind about the people involved?”, Aristotle asked.

“No”, was the answer: “It is not kind.”

“Then, on that basis, I do not want to hear what you have to say.”

Do you apply the ‘Stella’ test to what you share?