Cry ’Arry and St George

Andy Munro looks at developments in the England camp.

Well it certainly has been a memorable week in the world of football and, as a Blues fan, I don’t just mean Nathan Redmond’s match winning goal against Pompey.

Harry Redknapp cleared of tax evasionFirst of all the Harry Rednapp scenario. Harry is the typical stereotype of a cockney ducker and diver so I suppose my money would have been on a guilty verdict, probably a hefty fine and a suspended jail sentence. Instead, ol’ ‘Arry comes up smelling of roses!

Amazingly and purely co-incidentally (?), Fabio walks (or was he pushed?) away from his lucrative England post and the media speculation goes into overdrive. So we’ve now got the scenario of a man who has difficulty stringing two words of English together possibly being replaced by somebody who apparently can’t read or write (case for the defence m’lud).

Obviously Harry is the players’ choice because they can at least identify with him, even if it’s only in the illiteracy stakes. Of course this leaves Spurs dreading his departure and there is a knock on effect which could even affect the manager of the Dog and Duck FC in Division Ten of the Sunday Cloggers League, never mind local concern about the future of the respected Chris Hughton.

Personally, I’ve never taken to Fab as football management is as much about man management as it is about tactics, and let’s face it Fab is unlikely to challenge Messrs Ross and Norton anytime soon. In fairness, he didn’t do a bad job if you look at his win ratio but he, unfortunately, exposed the England side for what it was in terms of true quality. Good enough to beat the minnows and the mediocre but never good enough to challenge the big boys.

Can Harry do better? I think he can by playing a more English game without sacrificing the possession game, i.e. playing at a higher tempo which is something the players are used to and makes continental teams feel uncomfortable.

Let’s hope he gets the job as other England candidates are in short supply. Stuart ‘Shouty’ Pearce or Woy of the Albion anyone? Mind you, further afield there’s always the Special One….