Wolves licked by Toffees

Brendan King reports on Wolves game at Everton.

Everton 2 – Wolves 1

Wolves were one half woefuls. The team, after a fighting first half, went to pieces and had a rubbish secnd half. Doyle spent his time running everywhere. He was  never likely to score in a million years, with not one shot from him on goal over 95 minutes. It’s time for Fletcher to start in the next match, with Doyle on the bench or converted into a an out and out winger. He’s out there most of the time anyway!

Drop Henry (sideways and back-passer, prone to fatal errors) and leave Elokobi out altogether (both players are too slow by half for the Premier League). Stearman will be out for a while, after a first half injury caused him to leave the field (broken hand) but he won’t be missed.

At least two quality players will be needed in the January window. A proper, swift moving, hard tackling left back and a strong tackling, accurately distributing midfielder to take charge of that vital area. Oh yes, sell Karl Henry and those of similar Championship ilk, at the same time.

It looks as though Wolves are for relegation — how on earth they’re still escaping out of the bottom three escapes me. The team got what they deserved in the second half at Goodison. They were outclassed and looked very slow all over the pitch compared to Everton. We certainly looked like candidates for the drop. Fortunately, the three teams below are just as poor as the Wolves, so perhaps they’ll save our bacon and take the dreaded drop for us.

Both given penalties were soft; that one was equalled out, but even Mick McCarthy admitted Wolves committed an out and out foul in the box late on in the first half, so 2-1 was a just result on that admission alone But Merry Mick stated, after the match, that Wolves performed well and he was disappointed not to get a result. That “We let them off the hook.”  ‘Rose’, ‘glasses’ and ‘tinted’ comes to mind, together with ‘paradise’ and ‘fools’ as well. I could rant on forever with such jumbled cliches.

Another away match next week and this time it’s Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. It’ll have been a month without a home match by the time Sunderland visit Molineux during the first week of December. And. after the most likely result at Chelsea we’ll then have every chance of being in the demoralising bottom three for the first time this season.

The way the Premier League organises its fixtures is a disgrace – it’s all about money, money and more money. A pan-supporters organisation called Take Back the Game is trying to organise for fans on both sides to remain silent (no applause as the players come out and no chanting, cheering or clapping) for the opening ten minutes of this match.

This is as a protest at the way the Greed League organises for money and vested interests while neglecting the true interest of the fans, with exorbitant ticket pricing and over-priced, poor quality food on sale within the grounds. Theren there’s the way fixtures are arranged to suit global TV rather than the working and social convenience of the supporters.

It’s planned (hoped) that fans on both sides will burst into loud applause after the first ten minutes, to demonstrate how vital is the ever-loyal supporters participation and to highlight the vital need for us to be included once again, as we are the primary reason for professional football to exist.

I’m not sure whether this demonstration will work, but I’m all for it’s objectives. So I’ll stay stum for those first 10 minutes next December. I’ve not had much to make a noise about in the opening periods of home matches this season at any rate!