Derby Daze

By Andy Munro.

It never rains but it pours and currently it’s a time for the umbrellas. It’s definitely been another depressing week, with firstly a European draw against a Portuguese side who have a ground that would make Sennelley’s Park look like Wembley stadium, with a capacity of 5000. However they refused to switch it anywhere else so unless you’re lucky enough to be in line for one of the 250 tickets the only alternative would be to travel on spec…that’s if you can get a flight, of course, at the unRyanair price of circa £350 probably changing at Crewe and Lisbon.

I’m not holding my breath for the club to charter half a dozen planes (with a full plane they could probably do it for £150 return); negotiate with Nacionale for more tickets or doing a European night at St Andrews with a big screen charging £10 apiece. I’ve written to the club suggesting this, by the way. Then we have Chris saying he may give some of the reserves a run out. So my message to Chris is that we know we aren’t going to sniff even the play-offs as we try and consolidate so getting into the Europa League is our only dream, when we’re currently in the middle of a nightmare.

Losing at Derby was depressing, although we did at least play well but we can’t afford the mistakes. We also need some reinforcements up front to finish off some very good approach work from wingers with the skill that Seb Larsson could only dream about.

At the back Myhill can’t be blamed but can we afford just an average keeper? Maybe it’s Doyle’s time again. Remember, he played a big part in getting us promoted before. Carr and Caldwell were tremendous and I think Curtis Davies will be alright. Despite hitting the post, I’m not sure whether Ridgewell’s heart’s in it. Maybe he needs Premier League wages to pay his abortive wedding expenses.

Midfield and flanks shouldn’t be a problem with Mutch and Gomis both impressing in the centre. Personally I would sacrifice Fahy when other forwards are available Michel is also another option. The wingers are the least of our problems (if only we could have said that last season we wouldn’t have been relegated!) with Beausejour, the ever impressive Burke and the mercurial Redmond.

Up front is again a concern with Rooney needing support and the Albion loanee Woods looking a bit agricultural. Hopefully a fit Marlon K will be a big bonus but we certainly need to spend to secure somebody else of quality. On that basis it’s good riddance to Cam and Ziggy who obviously think they’re better than they are.

Finally, a word about the fans, who are in great voice. Maybe it’s the Millwall factor but now nobody likes us and we don’t care. If you’re a poser or a moaner don’t come down the Blues, go down the Villa or watch one of the Manchester clubs on the telly. We don’t want any flakiness in the stands – this is the time for real fans!