Murdoch Redux: The Corruption Gets Worse



Richard Lutz witnesses another rollout of media sleaze,  police incompetency and football greed. Ahh well, just another day in the UK.





Rupert Murdoch- will he own Britain?

Rupert Murdoch- will he own Britain?

This website kindly re-published an earlier article I wrote warning about the Murdoch press. It could not have happened at a more crucial time.

Because now comes the Milly Dowler scandal.

Well…I’m glad that the latest News of the World internal shenanigans  will be cleared up really fast.

The grubby paper has tacitly admitted it hacked into the phone of the 13 year old murder victim- a clearcut case of tampering with evidence and one that can only lead to jail sentences for the mentally deranged reporters who Murdoch employs there.

The NoW bosses will carry out ‘an internal investigation.’

Oh..and the police will look into it too.

Boy, am I confident that this latest slopheap of creepy illegal journalism will be laid to rest.

Having News Corps bosses check out facts is akin to asking  Hitler to investigate the horrors of Nazism and report back soonest. Or recruiting the Taliban to become security guards at Heathrow.

And for the London police to even conceive that the public will believe their statements is ludicrous because they were being paid off by Rebekah Brooks, the then editor of the pestilential paper that made people’s lives so miserable with their blackmail and sneering contempt for privacy.

Of course, it is not that simple, is it? As the Dowler family attempts to resume a normal life after losing their daughter, running the gauntlet of a high profile crime trial and trying to get to grips that a creep from the Murdoch toilet papers was deleting messages from their missing daughter’s phone, the Tory administration is ducking like mad…for two reasons.

First of all,  Brooks is a personal friend of David Cameron. And secondly, the government has only days left to stop News Corps from gobbling up BskyB broadcasting and transforming the UK into a media offshore account for Murdoch’s cynical  money-grubbing operations.

And as the Tory bosses hide from this issue, they have to deal with another corrupt power brazenly ducking behind a barrage of meaningless words.

This morning, FIFA- the very organisation that gave us unbridled money lust and backhanders, sleaze and contempt for public honesty- has promised a (ahem) ‘full investigation’ with the help of Interpol into how and why the UK lost its World Cup bid.

According to one agency report, FIFA boss Sepp Blatter said this just after having a spot of lunch with Robert Mugabe….well, that about explains everything there. I’m glad he had tea and biscuits with the Zimbabwe murderous tyrant just before getting to grips with his own corrupt regime

I say bring in a new broom to clean up this whole amoral cesspit.
How about:

  • Birmingham City’s boss Carson Yeung with those allegations of mass money laundering hanging over his head. He  could  inquire into financial trickery .
  • Or the former IMF seedy fatcat Dominique Strauss Kahn to look at the moral implications of this mess (if his diary isn’t too stuffed with awkward dates in front of a New York crime jury)
  • or the jerk who let the Thameslink train contract go outside the borders of this leaky island of ours with thousands threatened with unemployment in Derby
  • Or maybe just let Murdoch handle the whole thing. He’ll own every politician by Saturday anyway.