Kings Heath library reopens

Kings Heath’s local councillor Martin Mullaney writes…

Kings Heath library

Kings Heath library

Kings Heath Library re-opens to the public tomorrow, Saturday 5th March, at 9am.

The library closed to the public just before Christmas, due to health and safety concerns that the roof skylights could collapse into the library beneath during an heavy snowfall or high winds.

£75,000 has been spent installing permanent scaffolding to contain the skylights, if they were to unfortunately collapse. £300,000 is required to fully replace the skylights with exact replicas and the Council does not have this funding at this stage.

We have just received a quote for the cost to lay one layer of bitumen felt over the flat roof. This would stop the present leaks in the roof until money can be found to completely re-felt the roof, which would last for 25 years. A decision on the one layer felt will made in the next few weeks.


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